shaykh muhammad ibn al-habib

Commentary on the Qasida – ‘Remembrance of My Lord’ by Shaykh ibn Al-Habib

The qasida that we sing most frequently “Aheemu wahdee” has really three operative stanzas in terms of instructions and its significance that spontaneously this has become the qasida that we sing most frequently because it really, it is a summary of our Path. In those three stanzas the whole of this endeavour is summed up.

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Provocation: An Opportunity for Transcendence

The measure of a man’s freedom is the degree to which he can stay courteous under provocation. Conversely, the extent of the man’s slavehood and bondage is the degree to which he can be provoked.

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Commentary on the Qasida ‘Fana Fillah’ by Shaykh ibn Al-Habib

Shaykh Ebrahim explores one of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib’s qasidas – Fana Fillah (Annihilation in Allah). This is the qasida that has been closest to his heart from Shaykh ibn Al-Habib’s diwan of poetry.

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