Shaykha Shahbano Aliani

The Transformational Power of Intent

This gem was sent to a student of Shaykha Shahbano’s in November 2018 – the audio is available at the bottom of this post. You’ll find, often, that situations and people transform when your intent transforms – without you having to say or even do anything. They just seem to […]

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When Death Arrives (Khalwa)

when death arrives i don’t want to say: wait, not yet don’t take me away there are still beautiful paintings waiting for the brush  in my hands my heart is still full of unheard music and poetry i have debts of remorse and gratitude to pay there are people  whom […]

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You Are Enough for Me

neither the gifts  received at birth nor skills mastered from books  or application not even the fruits of a long and lucrative vocation no inheritance  of gold or hoarded  stacks of wealth no discipline  or abstinence of a life dedicated to health neither those  with influence nor illustrious in name […]

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Releasing Outcomes: Being Process Focused

By Shaykha Shahbano Aliani You can read Shaykha Shahbano’s poetry on her blog Most of us are outcome focused because that is how we are conditioned. Human beings are essentially predatory, out to get something from the world to ensure (as we believe are trying to do) our survival. When […]

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