You Are Enough for Me

neither the gifts  received at birth nor skills mastered from books  or application not even the fruits of a long and lucrative vocation no inheritance  of gold or hoarded  stacks of wealth no discipline  or abstinence of a life dedicated to health neither those  with influence nor illustrious in name […]

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Dhikr It must be let out it must be called to the multitude from the rooftops to be sung the bewilderment this morning I was greeted by the sun and the trees shook  my hand and the boughs hummed a name that I almost remembered the rabbanna call of my […]

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Sufi Inspiration

All praise to the Doer and Witness Who is the Gate to hell and bliss By Whom we come to act and see By Who’s intent we come to be By His command we rise and fall His gift is terror and to enthral We begin and end by His […]

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