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Calling on The Compassionate

Many times every day we utter the names of Allah, glorified be He, ‘ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem’, yet how easy is it to quickly say the words without pausing and fully reflecting on what it means to call on the Compassionate, the Merciful One.  Imam al-Ghazali wrote: ‘Mercy requires an object of mercy, […]

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Broken People

A piece by Yusuf Abdulrahman Just in case you forgot or didn’t know… His Mercy is not hidden from those who do not know how to use big words or speak foreign tongues. His Mercy is not limited to those with respectable middle-class lifestyles who attend expensive international retreats to […]

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The Death of Desire by means of Distress

A piece by Sidi Yusuf Abdulrahman Comfort breeds contempt for the blessings that constitute one’s existence, and is therefore extremely dangerous for the one who seeks proximity to The One. She who is not frequently reminded of how unconditionally dependent she is upon the Divine Mercy permits the seed of […]

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The Return to Reality

by Sidi Yusuf Abdulrahman, originally posted on his blog   Your life is tailor-made by the All Merciful Creator entirely in your interests. Everything that has happened in your life, both the beautiful moments and the bitter, have been created to reveal to you something about yourself or your relationship […]

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The Zawia: Coming Home

A visitor’s account of their stay at Zawia Ebrahim It seemed unlikely that I would make the trip to South Africa from Europe. In the end, God had to show me strong, undeniable signs that it was time to go. The rich meanings I learnt there, as it turns out, […]

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