Trance Dance

My Father /Kaggen teach me to hunt the water bull grow for me lion hair and my full song will fly everywhere. My father /Kaggen to you I give my death for you my pounding blood from you I suck my breath. And where, in what water shall I lie? round which fire shall I […]

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Sufi Inspiration

All praise to the Doer and Witness Who is the Gate to hell and bliss By Whom we come to act and see By Who’s intent we come to be By His command we rise and fall His gift is terror and to enthral We begin and end by His decree He surrounds us inescapably […]

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The Nafs and the Ruh

By way of metaphor, one can describe the centre of the human experience as the being in the chest. And one can distinguish between fundamentally two different modalities, two modalities that you can experience the subject as, the subject being the self or the one that’s experiencing. In Tasawwuf we refer to one modality as nafs and the other modality as ruh.

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The Objective of Dhikr

The objective of dhikr and of the dhikr that you have just done is if you like, a loosening up or a shaking off of our ideas of who we are, of our chains. It is about re-orientating oneself to the Lord, to Allah.

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