“I am My slave’s opinion of Me”

Shaykh Ebrahim Discourse delivered 19/8/17.  Audio is available at the bottom of the page. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala promises us that He is His slave’s opinion of Him. That very simple phrase carries with it an almost terrifying responsibility and accountability. We know that wherever you turn in the Face of Allah. And whatever that […]

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This Dhikr is for the Breaking of Hearts

Discourse delivered by Shaykh Ebrahim, 15/9/18.  Audio available at the bottom of the page. Tonight was indeed a very special night. Tonight we did the Dhikr. You did it with commitment, you did not hold back, you did it in the spirit of emptying yourself of yourself. That’s how one does this dhikr – you […]

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Dhikr It must be let out it must be called to the multitude from the rooftops to be sung the bewilderment this morning I was greeted by the sun and the trees shook  my hand and the boughs hummed a name that I almost remembered the rabbanna call of my neighbours rooster split open the […]

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Choose Your Pick

786 Choose Your Pick By Abu Faydan If you have come to pick a fight, Your place to go’s perhaps the zoo. If you have come to pick my faults, They’re far too much, you won’t get through. If you have come to pick my grains, Don’t even bother, there are too few. If you […]

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The Miqdar of Rasulullah – ﷺ – and the Rights of the Muslims to Uphold It within the Precincts of Peaceful Cultural Coexistence

Every time Shaytan succeeds in conning some kafir moron into publicly exposing their spite and venom, there is invariably a fall-out of a wide spectrum of emotions ranging from ‘righteous anger’ and rational appeals for calm and restraint to outright blind, indiscriminate violence. And along with these reactions controversies unfold among the Muslims over the issue of what is […]

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